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Allevi8 Advanced Recovery Bedding

$52 USD
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Ensure your sleep actually improves your health with the Allevi8 Advanced Recovery Bedding. Available as a mattress topper and a pillow protector, this bedding uses the latest technology to help you feel your best. The Allevi8 Bedding uses FAR infrared technology. The nano-coated titanium-mineral mix has scientifically proven benefits. This unique construction helps to increase your blood flow and circulation. It also reduces aches and inflammation. This allows your body to regenerate as you sleep to get the full benefit of rest. As a result, you achieve improved energy and peak performance all day long. The Allevi8 Bedding mattress topper is complete with elastic to wrap around your mattress. It’s available in multiple sizes to be compatible with beds around the world. Aside from the obvious health benefits, the Allevi8 Bedding is subtle to fit in with your linens perfectly.

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