Aera Starter Set Scent Infuser

$200 USD
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Adorn your home with beautiful aromas with the Aera Starter Set Scent Infuser. Incredibly, this system is able to evenly disperse scents throughout your home. This uniform scent effect is adjustable for size, conditions, and even your scent preferences. With this, there are no spots with too much or too little scent. In addition, a single capsule can last for a full sixty days. And, each day the scent is as good as the first day. The system is even hypoallergenic as it releases only enough to enhance the aroma. Coming in white, this system has an exterior to match the beauty of the aromas. The Aera Starter Set fits in beautifully with any interior. Best of all, the Aera Starter Set can be totally controlled through the AeraForHome app.

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