DT Premium Affordable Golf Putter

$79 USD
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Upgrade your clubs without the price mark up with the DT Premium Affordable Golf Putter. This brand is cutting the middle man and bringing quality to the consumer without the hefty price tag. The DT Putter has an innovative design and the head feature high-grade stainless steel. This material is corrosion resistant and is designed to last forever. In addition, the design gives you the precision you need to make the shot. At the top of the DT Putter is a premium sticky rubber grip. This gives you the dexterity you need when every shot counts. You’ll feel totally in control even in the wettest conditions. The minimalist design is complete with a 33-inch aluminum shaft. This helps to keep the club lightweight yet durable for use after use. With all of these materials in place, the DT Putter is perfectly balanced to improve your game.

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