AirBar Touchscreen Sensor for MacBook Air

$79 USD
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If you want to get a touchscreen sensor for your MacBook Air, get an AirBar. This is a unique plug-and-touch solution for your MacBook Air. What it does is pretty simple. It just makes your MacBook screen touchscreen compatible. As a result, you will get a brand new way to interact with your MacBook. Turning the screen of your MacBook into a touchscreen is not that common. But now with AirBar, you can do so. You just have to place your AirBar at the bottom edge of your display and plug the USB connector into any port on the right side of your MacBook. Once connected, the AirBar will turn your MacBook screen into a touchscreen. It is only compatible with the MacBook Air 13.3” as of now. A sleek, portable and also convenient touchscreen sensor you must get for your MacBook now.

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