The Airfoil Click Pen

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Airfoil is a beautifully detailed pen inspired by engineering design in aviation. For those who pay attention to the details around them you may notice the ribbing to the framework on planes, the end cap to the engine housing on jets, and the distinct curves and differences in surface area associated with generating lift, hence the name Airfoil. This pen boasts a bold sleek industrial design that will stand out from the crowd. To create each pen requires a complex machining process. Many machining operations on a CNC lathe operate off of two axis. For CNC mills many operations operate on 3. Airfoil Click however, is carefully sculpted from the stock with 4 axis, that’s 4 orientations the machine must move the part to carve out the body geometry. Like many components in modern jets, Airfoil requires a complex manufacturing process to create the unique shape while preserving performance. Each pen is assembled by hand, the threads lubricated for a smooth jewelry-like silent assembly, tested, and carefully inspected.

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