AirJamz – Wearable Air Guitar

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AirJamz is a next-generation wearable wristband that makes rock star dreams come true. It’s not about a score, it’s not about the competition; it’s about anyone being able to have fun with music, regardless of experience. That’s not to say style doesn’t have something to do with it…Air Guitar is a lot of fun. It’s one of the best ways to use your imagination whether you’re a kid or just one at heart. What if you could play air guitar, for real? AirJamz makes it possible. Simply slap on the wristband and strum; AirJamz senses your air guitar movements and triggers actual sound based on your movements. Using Bluetooth technology, your motions are translated into music instantly via your mobile device and the AirJamz apps. Packed with musical content, you can play practically any type of song you want with the AirJamz wearable guitar. The technology inside is light years ahead of standard Air-Guitars, and like the one’s you’re used to, this one never requires tuning. Just make sure to plug into a speaker and turn it up to 11. The louder, the better.

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