Amazon Alexa Dash Wand

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Simplify your home life with a touch of magic with the Amazon Alexa Dash Wand. This incredible smart home device makes groceries on-demand wherever you are. The Dash Wand is complete with a microphone as well as a scanning system. Simply tap the button and say what you need. Alexa instantly connects to your Amazon account and orders exactly what you need. In addition, the Dash Wand lets you scan your way to a fully stocked home. With the built-in technology, you can simply scan a barcode to top up your groceries. Incredibly, you can say rather generic terms such as “paper towels” and Alexa can determine what you need. Of course, this compact device is designed for your lifestyle. It’s water-resistant to withstand your everyday. It’s also durable and complete with a magnetic backing so you can keep it in convenient places.

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