ALIVO – Bedside Health Coach

$79 USD
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Meet ALIVO, your desktop and bedside companion who prompts you to get healthy and active, and sees that you get a good night’s sleep. When you’ve sat too long while working at your computer, talking on the phone, reading a magazine, watching TV, or playing video games, ALIVO prompts you to get up and get moving. And it tracks and reports on your progress as you achieve your fitness goal. Manage your time wisely, boost your energy level, increase your productivity, and feel more alive with ALIVO. This is your personal coach who gently nudges you to meet your fitness goals with the latest motion-sensing technology and an engaging app suitable for your home or office. Using small motion sensors, called iBalls, ALIVO detects your level of activity as you work at your desk or sit and play video games or watch TV. ALIVO prompts you to get active when you have sat for too long. And in your bedroom, ALIVO can let you know when you have restless or healthy sleep patterns. One of the best ways to step out from a sedentary lifestyle.

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