Alum Case – World’s First Aluminum Case for the Apple Pencil

$30 USD
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Get your Apple Pencil a super cool customized look by enveloping it with the Alum Case. This is a hexagonal, solid aluminum case which has been designed in a way to resemble the graphite pencils. The purpose of choosing aluminum was because it’s strong and light. With the help of the hexagonal shape, you’ll be able to hold it in your hand comfortably without the pencil rolling away from your hand whenever you put it down. By giving your Apple Pencil such a protection, you’ll be able to keep it safe and long-lasting as well as write and draw effortlessly. The surface of the case will undergo an anodization process to ensure that the surface is resistant to scratches and other corrosive elements such as sweat. Get your case in silver, grey or gold and match the Pencil with the look of your iPad Pro.

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