Amazing Angle™ Golf Swing Training Aid

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The Amazing Angle™ swing training device was invented as a component of the patented swing training system created by Keith Haley, PGA Teaching Professional, over more than 6 years, to help his golf students improve their golf swing and enjoy the game more. By introducing the Amazing Angle™ golf swing trainer into his instruction, Keith noticed his students making significant improvement in the 7 key swing positions and movements of their golf swing. They made better ball contact at impact, more distance and better ball flight, with more accuracy. The Amazing Angle™ swing training system is scientifically based on the process of repetitive, slow and deliberate practice to create muscle memory and mastery of the 7 key swing positions of the golf swing. The results Keith experienced with his students is why we are here today and why we need of your help. Please donate to our Kickstart er Campaign! Then, tell your friends.

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