Maximus Amazon Alexa Camera Floodlight

$249 USD
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Fully monitor the exterior of your home with the Maximus Amazon Alexa Camera Floodlight. By combining a powerful light source and a crystal clear camera, this system captures detailed imagery for your review. The Camera Floodlight sports a 1080p HD camera. In addition, it has a 70-foot motion detector to instantly prompt the 2400-lumen light to turn on. Or, you can use the app to connect and control the light manually. Along with the 70-foot range, the Camera Floodlight can detect movement in a whopping 270 degrees. Then, the HD camera kicks into gear to give you a real-time view of 155 degrees. This is all visible right in the app. If that’s not smart enough, the system also connects to Amazon Alexa. This means that you can sync the security system with your smart home appliances for total monitoring and control.

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