Monnarc Amber Gemstone Dice

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Play games using one of the world’s oldest gemstones with the Monnarc Amber Gemstone Dice. Monnarc dice are handcrafted using very special amber gemstone, a natural gem that stands the test of time and originated millions of years ago. The value of amber continues to rise up dramatically, making it a very valuable collectable gemstone to hold onto. Furthermore, you can use the Monnarc dice as a centrepiece for any tabletop game. Monnarc amber dice come in five color varieties. Likewise, each die gets its name from one of the five major mass extinctions that happened on Earth. Aside from their special color, each die is unique and exceptional; no two are the same. Finally, the dice come in two sizes. The small is 12mm in size while the medium is 14mm. Lastly, there is a special leather pocket bag for easy storage.

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