APS21 Panthera Ankle Protecting Football Shoes

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Stay safe while you play your favorite sport with the APS21 Panthera Ankle Protecting Football Shoes. Ideal for all contact sports, this revolutionary shoes actually saves you from cuts, sprains, bruises, and more. These injuries are so common in sports such as soccer, American football, rugby, baseball, and more. The APS21 Panthera Shoes have a built-in protector for your ankle. Around the ankle is a convex formed plastic as well as layers of FPF. Working together, this feature absorbs the impact from other players’ feet or even from the ball. From there, the impact energy is distributed throughout the plastic shell to minimize its power. This incredible patented technology will save you from countless injuries game after game. The APS21 Panthera Shoes are available for adults as well as junior players and even professionals.

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