ANTELOPE Sportswear – Muscle Activating Smartsuit

$249 USD
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Reach your fitness goal much faster with ANTELOPE Sportswear, the muscle activating smartsuit. Using state of the art electro muscle stimulation, ANTELOPE is the first smart sportswear that makes all of your workouts more effective. The smartsuit, designed for anyone, uses integrated technology to provide electrical impulses to engage your muscles for a more thorough workout or training experience. Targeting more muscle fibers than traditional exercise, a 20-minute workout with ANTELOPE is the equivalent of a three-hour workout without it. The lightweight compression fabric feels like traditional sportswear but has a special slot for the control unit. Managing the sections with the app, you choose which areas to target for strength, endurance, coordination, and speed improvements. Completely safe, ANTELOPE Sportswear mimics the way your muscles naturally contract to maximize your workout.

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