ArcaBoard – Revolutionary Vehicle That Lets You Fly in Air

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For the first time since the introduction of a bicycle, automobile or airplane, the transportation industry has finally had a revolutionary launch in the form of ArcaBoard. Why we call this vehicle revolutionary is pretty simple. The reason being in the fact that it lets you fly in mid air. Each time you ride the ArcaBoard you will find yourself at the center of a new exhilarating experience. Be it on any terrain or water, this super awesome vehicle will make your rides entertaining and magical every time. It is a machine lifted by 36 high power electric ducted fans with a maximum thrust of 200 kgf (430 lbs). There is a built-in stabilization unit which makes the ArcaBoard a very safe platform to fly on. You will be able to utilize your phone for control and navigation of the vehicle itself. But for the most intense experience you can turn off the stabilization system and steer the ArcaBoard with your body. To put in a simple sentence, it’s an excellent ride in a simple way.

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