Arkk Wallet – The Sleekest RFID Blocking Minimalist Wallet in The World

$50 USD
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Form follows function with the Arkk Wallet. Its unique pivoting motion provides quick access to cards when needed, secure when not. The Arkk Wallet was designed to have a slim and minimal design with integrated features such as ease of access, RFID security and aesthetic appeal. Features of the Arkk Wallet : Slim and minimal, RFID secure blocking technology, True minimalist design, Lightweight yet durable, Aircraft grade Aluminium, Unique pivot motion, Non-woven elastic, Coin slot, Available in Grey/Dark Tamo, Black/Mahogany and White/Light Cherry, It was designed for the true minimalist. It was designed to open with a one-hand left swipe like motion. It has simple one-way open and close mechanism. It’s sleek. It’s an Arkk Wallet.

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