ArkoBlox Wood Design Blocks

$20 USD
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Use your imagination to create and recreate with the ArkoBlox Wooden Design Blocks. Feature a variety of blocks and coming with pins, you can produce practical items for your everyday life. The ArkoBlox are easy to use and require just a touch of imagination. You can create a smartphone holder, a laptop stand, toy cars, forts, and anything else you can image. Each of the ArkoBlox blocks is complete with cylindrical holes. The durable metal pins slide securely into each so you can build to your heart’s content. In addition to giving you unlimited creative license, the ArkoBlox are easily disassembled so you can create more. You can choose to purchase the kit for a smartphone holder or unlock your imagination with a set of 20 blocks. With the latter, there are more than 10 quadrillion ways to assemble 20 blocks. The opportunities are truly endless.

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