Modernica x Stance Arm Shell Rocking Chair

$550 USD
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Add a unique chair to your home with the Modernica x Stance Arm Shell Rocking Chair. Modernica and Stance join forces in this new collection featuring 50 Case Study Arm Shell rocking chairs. Built using raw materials, this limited edition collection offers an original design. It’s complete with blue stripes that are hand painted on each solid maple rocker pontoon. Comfortable and modern, there’s no other chair quite like this one. Furthermore, the iconic logo of the brand is on the back of the fiberglass shell. Each shell features Stance blue yarn that is hand-placed on the front of the chair, making each piece genuinely exclusive. In addition, each rocking chair comes with a 200-needle Stance sock, which is also limited edition. The sock highlights the original blueprints of the chair itself.

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