DomiLamp Connectable Artistic Wooden Lamp

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Intelligently light your space with the DomiLamp Connectable Artistic Wooden Lamp. In addition to offering a sense of depth to your space, this light has smart features. Domi has a handheld wooden design so you can take it anywhere. Incredibly, Domi does connect to other Domi lights. Within the 4-meter range, you can touch just one lamp to control them all. With no app or connectivity needed, this lamp has multiple modes to adjust to your mood. Simply glide your hand along the circumference to rotate the lamp and adjust the light temperature. The DomiLamp offers vibration feedback as you make adjustments. In addition to a bright white light, you can also choose to have smooth color transitions or even a candle light simulation. In total, there are 24 different levels of light. Inside are nine LED lighting boards to spread ambient light in all directions.

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