Asher Decorative Bowl From Ralph Lauren

$595 USD
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The Asher Decorative Bowl from Ralph Lauren Home is a very good looking wooden bowl beautifully crafted from solid teak. The polished nickel-rivet accents and bridle-style leather handles make it a wee bit different from your everyday bowls with metal or wooden ears. The combination of solid teak, leather handles and the attention to detail in the finishing make this bowl worthy of the Ralph Lauren brand. It’s not just kitchenware, and the Asher Decorative Bowl may be displayed as a work of art. It’s certainly big enough (16” by 4”) to take pride of place as the table centerpiece. It’ll make for a great gift to close family and friends, and goes well with other Ralph Lauren Home products made in France such as the Jacobsen Serving Bowl, Jacobsen Coaster Set and Jacobsen Wood Nut Bowl.

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