Aster Chevron Smartphone Collection by Vertu

$4200 USD
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Get introduced to luxury in an innovative way with the latest Aster Chevron Smartphone Collection by Vertu. Coming as the cheapest handset from their luxury smartphone series, this collection is about innovative design and craftsmanship. There are three new additions to the collection that features a distinctive canvas backing available in a pink, blue or black. The name ‘Chevron’ comes from the unique pattern woven into the Italian canvas fabric, inspired by the Vertu logo. An enormous amount of care and attention has gone into selecting the correct fabric for this variant. Of course, it needs to be hardy; a Vertu smartphone can be in someone’s hand for eight or more hours every day, and they are built to last. However, Vertu products are known for their aesthetics and tactility as much as their technology and quality, so it had to look and feel beautiful too. That is why the team decided to work with an industry leader to develop the material, and got one of the best designs they have ever made till date. It’s not just a smartphone; it’s luxury wrapped in technology!

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