Asus Lyra Trio Home Wi-Fi System

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Enjoy strong Wi-Fi throughout your entire home with the Asus Lyra Trio Home Wi-Fi System. This dual-band, tri-hub Wi-Fi system offers stable connectivity for homes up to 5,400 square feet. Using three wirelessly connected hubs, the Asus Lyra Trio delivers fast, reliable, and secure signal to each corner of your home. In addition, the hubs combine to create a single network under one Wi-Fi name. Once you connect to the network, the system automatically connects you to the hub with the strongest signal. Likewise, it effortlessly switches hubs if you move around your house. Lyra Trio features a unique antenna design that is in the shape of a pyramid, which transmits the Wi-Fi signal both vertically and horizontally. It also reduces interference. You can also use the Lyra app to control the Wi-Fi system.

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