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NeuroServo Attentional Rehabilitation Tool

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Take control of your focus with the NeuroServo Attention Rehabilitation Tool. Coming in the form of a hat, this device monitors your brainwaves and sends you information in real time. The NeuroServo tucks into the hem of the hat and the three ergonomic sensors rest against your head. Incredibly, the embedded algorithms produce visual feedback about your focus level. On the brim of the NeuroServo Hat is a light. When you’re distracted, the light is blue. Once your attention is focused, the light changes to red. In fact, you can even see the change as you narrow down your focus. This is the perfect amount of visual clues so you can begin to understand more about your focus. With more use, you’ll gain power over your own attention. With the built-in battery, you get weeks of attention rehabilitation.

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