Fidget Shuffler Audio Feedback Fidget Device

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Occupy your hands and reduce your stress with the Fidget Shuffler Audio Feedback Fidget Device. Humans are natural fidgeters and this device provides you with it all. Much like running your thumb across a comb, the Fidget Shuffler creates a clicking noise as the elements touch. They’re flexible enough to slip instantly back into place so you can fidget to your heart’s content. The recurring sound is similar to fidget actions you already do: playing with coins, shuffling cards, tapping your fingers, and more. The Fidget Shuffler is therapeutic and can help reduce your stress while at work. However, because these environments are often quiet, the Fidget Shuffler adapts. It’s complete with Quiet Mode so you can continue to fidget without disturbing your coworkers. There are six different models of the Fidget Shuffler which include designs such as playing cards, poker chips, dice, and more.

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