Auxilite Portable Smartphone Accessory

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Based on user feedback, we have decided to bring down the rating of this product to 2 stars. Issue: Lack of communication and delays in delivery. [Updated 1/2/2018]

Thanks to Auxillite you don’t have to compromise with the unavailability of the headphone jack port on your iPhone 7 anymore. This 2-in-1 Digital-to-analog converter effectively solves the headphone jack issue. With Auxillite, stay connected and fully charged wherever you are. Auxillite’s compact 8mm design makes this converter the most portable and sleek add-on in the market. Compatible with every 3.5mm headphones and most phone cases, simply attach and enjoy. The dust and water resistant technology allow users to have the occasional slip-up, be it in the toilet, bath-tub, or beyond. Auxillite’s Powerlite turns on while the user is charging their smartphone. Our converter transfers 12w of power and supports quick charge to ensure effortless compatibility. The Auxillite S, with an adjustable stand, can be set to landscape or portrait positions to enhance the viewing experience. With extra anti-slip properties, Auxillite S keeps your smartphone stationary on flat surfaces.

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