Avengers Thor 8GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive

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The Thor 8GB USB Flash Drive is a specially designed flash drive modeled after Thor’s hammer as seen in Marvel comics and the Avengers movie. In fact, you could pick from any of the weapons used by the superheroes in the movie. Your choices include the Hulk’s Fist, Captain America’s Shield, and Iron Man Tony Stark’s Mask. Heck, you could splurge and get the full Avengers set made by Taiwanese company Infothink with a combined storage capacity of 40GB. If you buy Thor’s hammer, the data inside will be safe and secure, and nobody else will be able to lift it. Oh, and please don’t hold it too high up to see if it attracts lightning. Thor’s hammer may survive a lightning bolt, but your goose will be cooked for sure.

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