AWDock – Apple Watch Docking Station

$68 USD
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The AWDock is a minimalistic dock designed for Apple Watch. Materials and finishes of the dock are chosen to closely match the different models of the Apple Watch. So the AWDock will be an extension of your Apple Watch. Most scratching to your Apple Watch happens when you have to charge it. After some wearing, your watch bands will form around your wrist, making it impossible to charge flat. With the AWdock you overcome that problem and it helps to keep your Watch free from nicks and scratches. Charging with the AWDock also requires fewer actions than charging the regular way. Just dock it and charge. The charger is fully incorporated into the design. The charging cable is designed into a concealed undercut cable channel in the top part of the dock so it’s not visible on the front or top. It is hidden as much as possible so you can enjoy the design of the AWDock and Apple Watch to its fullest and be proud displaying it anywhere with or without your Apple Watch docked on it.

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