AxiDraw V3 Writing Drawing Machine

$475 USD
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Get precision and accuracy every time with the AxiDraw V3 Writing Drawing Machine. Turning your pencil into a magic wand, this device can write or draw on virtually any flat surface. In addition to your pencils, the AxiDraw V3 is compatible with fountain pens, markers, and other utensils. This all-in-one system gives you the creative freedom you want with the precision you need for endless ideas. As the third version, the AxiDraw V3 uses quality technology with a sturdy structure built for longevity. Use it for irregularly shaped paper, party invitations, patterns, artwork, and so much more. In addition, it can replace many of the functions of your printer. The AxiDraw V3 Writing and Drawing Machine works with your computer to make any job possible.

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