AXIUS – Functional Core, Balance and Mobility Training System

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AXIUS is an efficient and portable core workout system for strengthening your entire body through varied levels of instability. The team believes that the key to achieving true health and elite performance begins with developing a strong and functional core. With AXIUS, you’ll be able to address the following areas of human movement such as core strength, proprioception, and joint health. A strong core is necessary for the transference of power/movement from the lower to upper extremities and vice versa which is why you need the core strength. Proprioception will help you establish a 3-dimensional balance with spatial awareness being a critical part of the movement, as it relates to reactionary performance. Contrarily, joint health will reduce the risk of injury, by aiding in both joint mobility and stability. All of this from one simple instrument. Where would you like to use AXIUS for working out next?

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