Back Nodger – Self Back Massager

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This ergonomic self-back massager helps you reach knots and tension spots—all by yourself. It mimics shiatsu massage, a technique where therapists use thumbs and knuckles. The thumb-shaped end creates deep, precise pressure to release knots and kinks. Use it over the shoulder for your neck and upper back, and around your torso to reach your lower back. You need to securely hold the foam handle with two hands, one above the other. Then hook the Nodger over your back with the red nodule on the area where the knot is. Relax your shoulders and push the nodger away from you to apply targeted pressure into the knot, allowing the pressure to continue to one deep breath in and out. Made with comfortable non-slip handle and durable reinforced steel frame, this massager helps in relieving muscle knots and reduce tension.

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