Baked / Roast – The Wood One & The Steel one

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Baked / Roast tries to reinvent the usage of existing products, starting with The Wood One and The Steel One. Two pieces of furniture with skateboards as the focal point. They can be used as benches, stools, (bed)side tables and so on. The Steel One is a really solid and stable bench of almost 18 pounds. The frame is handmade of steel with a gun blue finish, which gives the steel a beautiful appearance and makes it last a lifetime. The Wood One is much lighter, around 9 pounds. Nevertheless it is a very stable, well-balanced bench. The frame is made of beechwood with a clear coat finish. The screws and bolts are coated to match the orange layers of the skateboard deck. Both products are handmade in Breda, the Netherlands. Because of the use of natural products, every piece is unique at itself. Every deck has a slight different look, every wooden frame has a different structure and every steel frame is bended slightly different to fit the right deck.

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