Balanst Premium Wallet – Your Privacy Masterpiece

$98 USD
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It is a sleek, minimalist and private wallet that is RFID protected, due to the anodized aluminum exterior. This wallet opens with a smooth flick of the thumb and gives you quick access to your belongings anywhere on the go. It replaces the beauty of a classic wallet without sacrificing the functional or traditional features. What makes this wallet one of a kind is the smooth swipe-open top. You just need a smooth left-flick of your thumb on the top, and the six cards will automatically lift out of the back compartment. This will also give you access to the front compartment so that you can store cash, and small lose items between the cards. The aluminum exterior will protect your wallet from RFID skimming and keep your belongings safe on the go. Perfect device modern gentlemen would love to use regularly.

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