Baserock Bass-Frequency Hydration Backpack

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Upgrade your next adventure with the Baserock Bass-Frequency Hydration Backpack. This incredible bag tunes into your body’s needs to deliver what it craves. At its core, the Baserock is a versatile hydration backpack. With a 2-liter reservoir, you get all the water you need whenever you need it. The backpack has a built-in valve so you don’t need to remove the bag to take a drink. In addition, the Baserock Backpack features a vibrating bass frequency system. The built-in microphone picks up the audio around you and delivers an all-over body interaction. You feel the beat as it happens to enhance the experience. In addition to live music, the Baserock Backpack also has an auxiliary port so you can plug in your device. Ideal for traveling, hiking, biking, and festivals, the Baserock Backpack remains lightweight at just over 4 lbs.

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