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Beer Spike Multifunctional Beer Tool

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Get the most out of your brew with the Beer Spike Multifunctional Beer Tool. This sleek tool has four functions in one slim design. The Beer Spike takes inspiration from the railroad spikes that helped build America. Using brass, it has a long spike that is the perfect size to slice through a can for shotgunning. In addition, the top of the Beer Spike easily opens your bottles. You can also use the Beer Spike to prop up the tab on your can for effortless opening. Additionally, this clever tool has a point on the spike that is the ideal shape to create a vent in the top of your can. This allows the tasty beer to flow freely from the can and into your mouth. A must-have for beer lovers, every function helps you enjoy your beer even more. Finally, the Beer Spike is complete with a keychain design.

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