YACKET ICE Innovative Beverage Ice Pack

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Get your brewskis to the optimum temperature as quickly as possible with the YACKET ICE Innovative Beverage Ice Pack. This ice pack conforms to the shape of your drinks and keeps them cold for longer than ever. As an upgrade on the traditional scalloped design, it offers ice cold temperatures to more surface area of your cans or bottles. This is because the YACKET ICE Pack is actually three times larger than traditional scalloped packs. Simply line up your six beverages to the scalloped shapes and hold them in place with the included ICE BAND. With this, the YACKET ICE Pack ensures your entire six pack gets maximum cold transfer. In addition to total convenience, the YACKET ICE Pack doesn’t take up as much space. It also doesn’t melt and leave the rest of your cooler contents swimming around and it replaces your need for ice. What sets it apart is that the YACKET ICE has a freezing point of -15C/5F. This is way colder than traditional ice packs which freeze at 27F. Incredibly, can keep your drinks ice cold for over 12 hours.

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