Bevy Photo Management System

$299 USD
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Everyone is a full-time photographer today, snapping on phones, tablets, and cameras. Enlist Bevy to save, organize, and share all of your digital pics, along with those of your family and friends. It’s easy to add users and their devices to your account. Then, as soon as anyone takes a picture, it’s stored on the pint-sized Bevy and accessible to them. The free app shows images to your family in a Facebook-like feed, but can also post them on social networks or send by text or email. If you like, Bevy can even display pictures on a TV screen. Because only people you choose see pictures, Bevy is more private than cloud storage. And [tweet_dis]with one terabyte of memory—about 400,000 photos—you’ll free up space on tablets, computers, phones, and memory sticks[/tweet_dis]. Let Bevy automatically sort images by user, date, device, or location. Already have digital albums on other services or drives? Move them over to Bevy with a click.To get the most from your important moments and memories, this powerful, easy-to-manage solution is a must.

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