Bicycle Shoe and Pedal Combo – Safe and Easy

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I’ve been working on this project for well over a year. I used to race motocross and 2 years ago I moved to California.  I started mountain biking as an alternative and just couldn’t feel comfortable in clips. I immediately started brainstorming how to get the grip I was looking for with the peace of mind that I could step off during a sketchy situation.   Great for the climbs and great for decents.  I truly love the prototypes I have developed and tested.  Plenty of added benefits to this design as well.  Riders can step side to side or forward or backward to have new foot placement very easily while riding. The open design allows mud to push out and looks cool too.  Rider’s that are hesitant to clip-in, commuters that want to use the same shoe at work and cycle with, all mountain riders, and plenty other riders with different application needs can utilize this honey comb design. If you’re ridding flats and looking for more grip with some peace of mind to step out easily, then this combo is just for you.  If you want grip on the climbs and ease of stepping out on the descents, this pedal is for you.  On the other hand, if you’re already comfortable in clips I don’t expect you to make the switch, but you never know, plenty of accidents (minor or major) come from being clipped in.

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