Biopod Self-Contained Ecosystem

$340 USD
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Introducing Biopod, the Self-Contained Ecosystem that is able to replicate real world environments. This smart yet compact microhabitat pairs with an app so you can customize what you’d like to grow. Once set in place, Biopod will create the perfect environment. The system connects with the app automatically manages the optimal temperature, light, humidity, ventilation, and even rainfall to ensure everything you grow gets what it needs. Additionally, the Biopod app can help you with a variety of plants and seeds to help with each step. Throughout the growing process, the unique Biopod environment gives you a front row seat without having to worry or tend to what’s inside. Whether you’re looking to build a habitat for some amphibians, grow your own herbs and veggies, or simply create something beautiful, the Biopod will look incredible in your home.

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