Bissell BarkBath Portable Dog Bathing Unit

$99 USD
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Clean your dog the easy way with the Bissell BarkBath Portable Dog Bathing Unit. This all in one system uses up to 50 times less water than using your tub at home. Utilizing just 48 ounces of water, the BarkBath works efficiently and intelligently. Totally portable, the built-in nozzles work to get in and around all fur types for a thorough clean. In addition, the system stores dirty water in a separate tank. This makes it easy to clean your dog with speed. Simply load the system with water, and you’re good to go. In addition to the portable bath unit, the BarkBath comes with clever accessories. This includes a microfiber mat, storage bag, and clothes for sensitive areas such as the face and paws. Best of all, the BarkBath uses no chemicals and is pH balanced. It also offers a light mulberry scent to keep your dog smelling great.

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