Blade Runner Whiskey Glass

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The Blade Runner Whiskey Glass is an item well worth owning based solely on its beautiful retro-modern square design with cuts at the angles. But the history behind it adds a delicious layer of appeal and makes it rather irresistible for Blade Runner fans, movie buffs and Hollywood memorabilia collectors. This is the exact same glass used by Rick Deckard in the movie. By same, we don’t just mean that it looks the same. It’s also similarly hand-made by the same Italian company Arnolfo di Cambio, where skilled artisans blow on glass to create these beautiful glasses, same as was done for the glass used by the notoriously moody Blade Runner. You don’t really need a reason to drink, but you could always use this glass as a pretext – “I Drink, Sebastian, Because I Am Haz Lovely Glass.”


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