TATTICO Bluetooth Bicycle Mini-Pump

$120 USD
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Put the power of technology on your wheels with the TATTICO Bluetooth Bicycle Mini-Pump. Tucked inside of this revolutionary device is a Bluetooth pressure sensor. As you manually pump, the internal battery recharges to power up the sensor. Then, while filling the tire, the pressure sensor can let you know when it’s optimally full. The TATTICO Mini-Pump is fully sealed and waterproof to protect the sensor. And, because your motion helps to recharge the CR2032 battery, you have total peace of mind even on long journeys. In addition to this convenience, the TATTICO Mini-Pump is built with you in mind. You can use the companion iGuage app to get even more out of the pump. You can even select which pressure measuring system to use including PSI, BAR, or KG/CM2. When your tire is pumped and ready to go, the TATTICO Mini-Pump automatically turns off to conserve power.

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