Teptron MOVE Bluetooth Blinds Motor

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Motorize your shades and blinds with the Teptron MOVE Bluetooth Blinds Motor. Teptron MOVE easily fits on all shades and blinds that have a bead chain, cord loop or cord control. Similarly, the device is easy to install. Simply latch the device onto your existing chain, pair it with the app and control it from your smartphone. Likewise, the MOVE is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Furthermore, it offers automation based on time, temperature and sun. With a lift capacity of four kilograms, the MOVE is compatible with most existing blinds. You can even add a Power Booster for an extra two kilograms of pull capacity. Additionally, the MOVE receives power from four AAA rechargeable batteries. You can also use a micro-USB power adapter if you prefer. Finally, the package comes with all the parts you need to motorize your blinds.

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