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Bastion Bolt Action Pen

$39 USD
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Unleash your creativity with the Bastion Bolt Action Pen. Ideal for sketching and writing, this pen is a great tool to carry on you at all times. Enjoy the satisfying feeling of its bolt-action mechanism, which is fun to fiddle with and even helps you focus. Its secure and smart mechanical lock is free of parts that will break or wear out. In addition, you can choose from carbon fiber and stainless steel options, depending on your style. The stainless steel pen offers a sleek and sophisticated look. Likewise, the addition of carbon fiber gives you a high-tech and professional vibe. Featuring a carbon fiber tube and metal inserts, its design makes it durable and long-lasting. Finally, it uses a standard G2 refill that is easy to replace and swap with other inks, colors, and tips.

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