Boncho Bike Poncho by VanMoof

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Don’t let a little drizzle keep you from exploring your city. Ride your bike rain or shine with the Boncho Bike Poncho by VanMoof. Giving you the peace of mind that you’ll stay dry, the Boncho is worn just like a traditional poncho. However, instead of limiting itself to your body, the Boncho actually extends to completely encapsulate you and the top of your bike. Despite this impressive coverage, the Boncho doesn’t inhibit your ability to peddle and steer. The Boncho is totally water repellent as well as breathable and lightweight to keep you comfortable. Folding into its built-in pouch, the Boncho remains inconspicuous and out of the way until you need it. Equipped with a hood, a beak, and adjustable pull-cords, the Boncho is the ultimate bike accessory (other than a helmet!).

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