Braava iRobot 380t Floor Mopping Robot

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The iRobot 380t is the latest in sweeping-edge floor mopping robot technology from Braava. The iRobot is just as mad about cleaning every last bit of “foreign contaminant” as M-O, the cleaning robot from Wall-E. All you have to do is attach a disposable cloth or use the detachable Reservoir Pad with the included microfiber cloth, and then press the mop or sweep button. iRobot has a navigation system to locate cubes placed in different rooms or areas, and it’ll move from one to the next, cleaning up the room before moving to the next cube. It can dry sweep for up to four hours or mop for 2 ½ hours straight on a single charge. Afterwards, you just wash the cloth, fill the reservoir, recharge iRobot, and we’re ready roll again.

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