Braven BRV-X Wireless Outdoor Speaker

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The Braven BRV-X is an ultra-rugged wireless speaker, which the company claims is the world’s best outdoor speaker. It comes with an IPX5 water resistant rating, and the shockproof rubber exterior ensures that your misadventures and rough-and-tumble games do it no harm whatsoever. You can enjoy 12 hours of uninterrupted sound while you’re navigating rocky canyons and foaming rapids. . There’s no reason to interrupt your music stream just because you’re tumbling head-first through raging rapids or hanging on for dear life to a cliff edge. You could just as well be listening to your favorite audio stream while zig-zagging down snowy slopes or sandy dunes. You can set it for indoor or outdoor mode, and pair two of these wireless speakers using TrueWireless technology for a perfect and immersive left-right stereo experience.

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