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BreadBox Technologies is releasing the world’s first desktop circuit board etcher for crowdfunding on Kickstarter today and off to a strong start. Self-titled, the BreadBox automates a tiny manufacturing line in the consumer’s home; chemically etching circuitry printed from a standard printer onto copper boards. While the process of chemically etching boards is not new, professionally printed circuit boards (PCBs) have not been readily or inexpensively available to the maker community. In fact, the BreadBox will make circuits 83% cheaper, 48 times faster, and much safer than retail or “home brewing” methods. The BreadBox is elegantly simple. To use, just draw or print your circuit onto a new copper board and place in the device. The BreadBox takes your board through a series of compartments filled with chemical etchers and cleaners. Return in 30 minutes and you have a perfect, custom PCB. BreadBox Technologies has researched, designed, and prototyped since 2012 using owner-invested funds. Starting July 3rd the LLC will be raising $50,000 on Kickstarter to fund production at ProtoLabs, a rapid prototyping and production company in Minnesota.

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