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The Hand Tailored Stretch Suit

$530 USD
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Go further while you look your best with your very own tailored and specially designed Stretch Suit. This outfit bridges the gap between professional style and practicality. Featuring a new 360-degree stretch fabric, the Stretch Suit lets you move how you need while feeling comfortable all day. This fabric is also extremely breathable and durable while remaining wrinkle-free. It’s even quick-drying to withstand anything Mother Nature has in store. The Stretch Suit is complete with reinforced buttons to contribute to the outfit’s longevity. It’s designed for men on the move. You can easily handle your commute, manage your workday, and head out for evening drinks. The Stretch Suit has a completely tailored fit. You simply send in your measurements with your order and you get the perfect fitting garments. The entire outfit includes the Stretch Suit Blazer, Pants, and Shirt.

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