Bridge Optix Case and Lens System for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus

$69 USD
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The Bridge Optix Case and Lens System (CLS) is a protective and bulk free case that is quickly and easily transformed into a complete camera solution. It comes with up to 4 Lenses (currently), a Selfie Clip and a highly portable and impact resistant carrying system for the lens and clip. The Selfie Clip is the first of its kind and allows for all four lenses to be mounted to the front facing camera. The results are fantastic. The case can further be accessorized with snap on accessories that allow it to be mounted to tripods and have lights, microhpones and other non proprietary camera accessories mounted to it. Its design allows easy adaption to other phones and Bridge Optix is surveying on their website for feedback on what to make next. The Bridge Optix CLS is the ultimate smartphone camera tool.

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