BrightCharger – The Intelligent Design Charger

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Get more out of your outlet with the BrightCharger. This handy device is complete with a USB port and works with all of your devices. In addition, it has smart technology to automatically stop the flow of energy when your battery is full. With BrightCharger you’ll never forget to unplug your charger again. This saves your device from overheating as well as saving energy. The BrightCharger protects the lifespan of your battery so it will last longer. Simply plug it in and touch the dome to initiate charging. Then, once your battery is full, the built-in green light will turn off (alternatively, if the charger’s night light switch is On, LED color turns to white after the battery full). The BrightCharger has an integrated plug so it goes directly into your outlet. This design also makes it convenient to take with you anywhere. Additionally, the top of the BrightCharger functions as a low energy consumption LED nightlight. You can leave it plugged in to easily find your way even in the dead of night.

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